Our Story and Vision

           For too long people were out of options when it came to choosing a high-protein and healthy treat to fulfill their sweet craving or serve as a pre-workout/post-workout snack. Protein bars have failed time in and time again with high-carb, high-sugar, and high-calorie counts that continue to break the bank for nearly all health conscious diets. The high-protein treats on the market today choose not to stray away from unhealthy nutrition facts, and instead hide behind their two-serving goods. There is no need to count this Bundt cake as a cheat but rather as an extra boost of protein and energy in the form of an indulgent treat!

    Bundts of Steel was founded in January of 2017 by mother and son, Audrey and Stephen Matoesian with the mission of clean eating and healthy living made accessible to everyone.  Our Bundt’s allow you to indulge in your favorite, savory cakes, without the guilt of course. Our Bundt cakes will always have that rich, smooth taste as they are freshly baked in a real kitchen for every order!  The Bundts are a stand alone delicious product and also a macro friendly base for all your favorite protein treats.  Don’t stop short with mixing and matching the Bundts with your desired spreads, fruits, ice creams, etc. The options are endless so knock out those high-sugar cheat meals and grab yourself a Bundt of Steel.