Ingredients You Can Trust:

All of our Bundts are made from scratch and come from our very own homemade recipes.  With no added preservatives these Bundts will be shipped to your doorstep as fresh as they were when they came out of the oven.  Bundts are Gluten-Free (except for cookie butter flavor) with no added sugar.  Using all natural ingredients, we made sure that every bite was filled with a warm, familiar taste.  


ALMOND FLOUR                                        


Being an almond lover forever I had to include this flour in my recipes as it added such a rich flavor to the Bundts.  Almond flour serves as a low-carb alternative to wheat and all-purpose flour. This flour is very high in dietary fibers which so many people lack in there regular diets. A great healthy alternative to the various other flours which fits perfectly into the Paleo diet!



Gluten-Free Oats serve as a powerhouse of energy for the body.  This flour is extremely rich in dietary fibers as well, thus proving very beneficial for your cardiovascular system. Gluten-Free Oat flour is proven to stabilize your blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol, and even boost your immune system! This is all thanks to the fiber beta-glucan that is found in the Gluten-Free Oat flour.



This is a blend of various Gluten-Free flours that we felt we had to include in our protein bundt cakes.  We at Bundts of Steel have realized the dangers with starchy flours as they contain almost no vitamins or minerals, and lack protein and fiber.  All of the Gluten-Free flours found in our Bundt cakes are rich in vitamins and minerals, assist in weight loss, and help balance your energy levels.   



Keep in mind that the flours we use are made from REAL foods.  Eating baked goods that are made from real foods is a big step in the right direction for those concerned with diet and health.  Paleo baking eases the transition from the Standard American Diet to a keto-Paleo diet. Many people have made the switch already and are flourishing in the repeated health benefits that come with the Paleo diet.  We at Bundts of Steel recognize the health concerns that come with the starchy flours and have decided to use various Gluten-Free flours, as many have found them to greatly benefit their overall health.




A guilt-free form of unprocessed chocolate that comes from the bean of the cacao tree.  Cacao powder is extremely rich in nutrients and antioxidants, thus making it very beneficial to your health.  Cacao powder promotes cardiovascular health as it regulates the heartbeat, blood pressure, and reduces blood clotting.  Overall this superfood contains a number of essential minerals including  magnesium, sulfur, calcium, iron, zinc, copper, potassium and manganese.



COCONUT OIL                                    

Many people did not know about the wondrous amount of health benefits that coconut oil has on your body!  Coconut Oil serves a great source of energy as it is easily broken down in your body.  Another exciting fact is that it can help reduce your hunger.  The ketones found in coconut oil can actually have an appetite reducing effect on people.  Coconut oil protects against heart disease as it can improve blood cholesterol levels.  The health benefits are truly endless with coconut oil!    





Protein, Protein & More Protein
When formulating our recipes we wanted to give our customers the most high quality and effective source of protein.  Whey protein stands as the richest source of BCAAs amongst the other proteins.  With the inclusion of these vital BCAAs our customers will experience elevated muscle growth and higher levels of energy during workouts.  Whey protein isolate is the purest form of whey protein as it contains the highest amount of protein per serving.  We at Bundts of Steel know just how important including protein in your diet is.  Thus, we included whey protein isolate, allowing you to consume as much real food as possible with minimal carbohydrate content. We know how hard you've worked on your diet and fitness regime so that is why we crafted our Bundts to be as calorie restricting as possible.    


So how does it taste so good?

On top of using minimal amounts of sugar and brown sugar, we use organic Stevia and Erythritol.  We at Bundts of Steel agreed to never give up that homemade taste in our Bundts.  Our mission is to make clean eating fun, thus we have formulated our Bundts to be as macro-friendly as possible.  

Stevia and Erythritol, despite their rather scientific-sounding names, are in fact naturally occurring sweeteners.  Organic Stevia Leaf actually stems from a plant native to South America.  Organic Stevia has been used to sweeten foods and beverages for over 200 years.  Erythritol occurs naturally in various fruits such as grapes and melons.  Although it is technically considered a sugar alcohol, its unlike the others as it does not cause digestive problems or bloating.